Studies show that current Intrauterine Devices have up to a 10% expulsion rate, 210,000 perforations per year and 17.8% failed insertion rate.


  1. Procedure remains painful and causes tremendous anxiety for patients
  2. Complication rate remain high with current techniques
  3. Some providers simply do not provide IUD insertion
  4. The tenaculum was designed to remove bullets from Civil War soldiers


  1. 90% of IUDs are placed outside of US
  2. Access can be limited due to complexity of placement
  3. Many countries consider expanded access to contraception of national importance
  4. The Bioceptive retractor will allow IUD placement by non-physicians


Simple. Safe. Effective.

Our systems were designed with two goals in mind: DECREASE PAIN and INCREASE ACCESS

disposable retractor

Disposable Retractor

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Suction via knob rotation. Reduces pain. Ensures consistent placement of IUD. Eliminates bleeding.


Disposable Inserter

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A one handed application tool. Eliminates the need for sounding. Minimizes the risk of perforation.

reusable device reusable device

Reusable System

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Future product aimed primarily at developing nations. 90% of IUDs placed outside US. Combined with IUD and single-use Bioceptive inserter.

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