A Passion for Women's Health

Our passion is to create intuitive, easy-to-use devices that expand access, improve health outcomes, and reduce complications for women. Our team has developed a whole new approach to intrauterine procedures and is developing a novel intrauterine device (IUD) inserter that vastly simplifies the insertion procedure while aiming to significantly reduce the adverse events inherent with current insertion techniques. We have a pipeline of other products in early development and conceptual phases.

Democratizing IUD Insertion

Our first application on this platform is an innovative, intuitive IUD insertion system developed to decrease the adverse events caused by current insertion tools and techniques. It has the potential to expand access to the IUD worldwide by providing a more intuitive and less painful insertion procedure. Bioceptive is now in clinical stage of this patented device.

A Timeless Design to be Proud of

We sought to create a device where a primary care provider can insert an IUD for the first time and achieve the same outcome as a specialist who has inserted thousands. Any healthcare provider, anywhere in the world now has the potential to insert IUDs safely and consistently.